Gender Equality v/s Humanity

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In a recent conversation with somebody who holds an influential position in getting girls’ to school in India, he (had to be a he!) mentioned that sometimes gender equality is given more importance than humanity! While it was a shocking revelation, upon some further …calmer.. less indignant reflection, I realised this or milder versions of this sentiment are fairly common. who amongst us hasn’t heard outcries against ‘unfair advantages’, ’the feminist agenda’ and the more commonly used ‘FemiNazi’

What’s shocking is that taking away just a few entitlements to try and level the playing field is deemed anti-humanitarian !? Because humanity consists only of…you know…

While agreeably some do take the cause more right field, which ideology does not have its extremist and its militants?

This makes me more convinced about the mountain of work that remains to be done in the education of Rights. Be it women’s or men’s or LGBTQ’s or coloured… maybe we need to group all of these under one umbrella, where they belong… HUMAN RIGHTS.