How Much is TOO Much?

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You might have tons of exciting, interesting or useful things to tell me..but do I want to know?

think.. book covers that make you pick..

think.. web banners that make you click..…..

think… pick up lines.. teasers… succinct tantalisers to what might follow….

Ok.. you got me interested.. tell me more..but how much ‘more’ do I need to know?

think.. trailers.. I don’t need to see the outtakes, director’s cut and bloopers just yet

think.. synopsis.. I don’t need to know the side character’s traits, a wintery morning’s description or the author’s alma mater

think Facebook event page.. I don’t need to know the world wide history, opening ceremony details or the multitude of payment packages

think first date.. i do not need to know your detailed educational, financial, psychological, political or familial history with all the nitty and gritty right away..  however interesting you think it might be..TMI!

Then of course, once you do have the attention, the anticipation… how you deliver is a completely different ballgame/blog post!