JUXT: Titan’s Titanic?

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Titan has shown a commendable degree of brand architecture consciousness.


They created sub-brands such as Raga and Edge, which share the core brand’s mid-premium consumer philosophy and design aesthetic.Titan wisely ventured into other consumer groups through well positioned endorsed brands such as xylys, for the premium segment “aiming at the connoisseur and new-age achiever


The liberal youth-focused Fastrack has been made independent of the core brand, as it would not sit well with Fastrack’s liberal, slightly edgy personality.The mass market Sonata has also been let loose from Titan, but still maintains the Tata tutelage.

However, when Titan decided to enter the smart watch category, it decided to do so with a Titan sub-brand. While addressing the mid-premium segment might be a suitable price point decision, Titan does not have the right personality to enter the smart watch segment. Added to this, the design of Titan JUXT is uninspired and naive. As the label reads, this is a smart analogue watch i.e an analogue watch with a digital display forced in.Titan might find the price to pay for underestimating smart watches as merely a watch segment. This miscalculation might have been due to the delayed onset of panic to catch up or just good old-fashioned bad decision making. Either way Titan… “Couldn’t you just be stunning?”  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98RlbRgG_Ho)

Update: Titan has since moved on from the forced fit JUXT design and launched its JUXT Pro range, which is a complete smartwatch, retaining its analogue style as a digital interface…



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  1. True that.. However.. Being a completly traditional setup with continuous endeavor to innovate (edge-the slimmest, htse-the self energised even by a candle light etc) I would give them a 1-up for the Effort that they put in to bring the smart watch technology to their aspiring TG (which surely is not the same as an apple TG) at such affordable price.. Makes business sense as they may earn the moolaah with limited marketing spends. My view.

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