Practice Entitlement

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Last Saturday, I took to leaving food for my cat on the staircase landing, since I can’t allow make it in time for her meal times. I lead her to her food bowl through the weekend. Monday evening, there was sat at the landing, waiting for me.
Repetition is the mother of learning and the father of action” – Zig Ziglar.
Deliberated repetition is practice. Many, the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and K. Anders Ericsson endorse practice as means to success and expertise. The deliberated rewiring of neural networks caused by repetition has been put to much good use. The ‘10,000 hours of practice’ principle, apps such Duolingo, sports coaches, all of these put repetition to much good use to improve learning outcomes.

But I would like to point at Repetition as an integral player in creating Entitlement.Entitlement is created through repetition of action or observation.
A growing boy given the repeated benefit of watching the telly, while his mum clears after dinner will grow up feeling entitled to the same while his wife clears after dinner.
A girl child in a village where she sees all the other girls and boys going to school will understand education to be her entitlement too.

While being/feeling entitled has taken much flak in the recent times, Entitlement is the belief about having a right. Creating awareness is a great first step but the real rebellion is headed by the entitled!