Speaking for Bespoke

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If your customers come with an already fixed idea of their product which at the end will be ‘made to measure’ for them, then you are a tailor, a painter, a jeweller or even a code writer. you are creating ‘Tailor-made’ products.

‘Bespoke’ is different, because the craftsperson’s ideas and ‘signature’ become the unique start point, the USP. The end product is the result of a  collaborative effort between the designer and customer. The word Bespoke is derived from the verb to Bespeak, meaning to “speak for something”. A ‘Bespoke’ product speaks as much about the customer as about the designer.

What made Michelangelo more than just a painter of church ceilings, was the signature style, technique and perceptive that he brought to the brief. That’s what makes the painting on Sistine Capel’s ceiling, a Bespoke product (besides being one of the most influential works of art)

In our world of mass production, ‘Tailor Made’ is not brushed aside, it’s a rare offering and worth incorporating. But it’s rarity varies, within cultures such as India and the Middle East, tailored is expected, it is the norm. Even western brands such as Zara, take to offering free tailoring, in order to be meet consumer expectations and be competitive.

So the next time you tell someone, your brand promise is Bespoke (insert product), think. Do you really mean bespoke? And is that enough?