A lifetime ago (or so it seems), an architect in London, I was designing buildings to live and work in. Spaces go a long way in influencing the the quality of life and behaviour of its users, however it is equally important for them to be sound in all functional and technical aspects. Balancing the equilibrium of the creative (user experience and design) and the critical  (pragmatic considerations) is the challenge to ‘a job well done’

As I began to explore the idea of ‘more’ for myself, more involvement, more impact. This ‘thought and action’ fulcrum became my guide and filter for introspection and research. This is when brand strategy answered the call, a role where I could combine critical thinking and creativity to create deeper, lasting impact. Immersing in consumer and cultural insights, building on them to solve complex business or behavioural challenges. Architecture is definitely a formidable medium for a brand to shine through, my priority as a strategist is always in ensuring that the strategic direction enables and inspires a multitude of actionable solutions.

I started my journey in brand strategy in London, working on consumer mega-brands such as Milka, Jim Beam, Pringles amongst others. This I continued in Mumbai, working across industries with a diversity of brands; Fiat Caffé India, Kissan, Jaipur Jewels, Snowcem Paints and more. Working in India, across startups to family businesses, across localised businesses to nation wide businesses, has helped me become a more versatile strategist and person.

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